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New Moon: What will you create?

Posted on 31 October 2016

Last night I went out. Went to dance in the dark of the moon, listening to psy-trance, an old love of music, one that I don't get to listen to much except at home. It was such a pleasure to dance for 6 hours to great tunes, thanks to the Abundance team who put on some amazing crew at Kindred Studios in Footscray.

As old-school groupies, my husband and I were first in – the only ones on the dance floor to the first artist playing (he rocked it). Then, without any form of lube, another DJ came on who played some hard core acid-trance. If I was back in my 15-year younger body, I would have loved it, but for a 4pm set-time, it was too hard for my core.

We headed upstairs to the healing space, and there I met some gorgeous friends, Christan Dimarco and King. There, I got to hear sacred sounds of drums, harp and didge – a first time ensemble for this crew. Christian gave me a didge healing; sound, breath and vibration coming through this ancient Australian instrument – the reverberation was ecstatic and healing to say the least. 

From that moment after, the night got interesting. On the wall, was a picture of a girl typing and I had decided in the final hours of the dark moon – a time where you can let everything go for that moon cycle (or beyond) – I decided to let go of the beliefs and the words of my soul. I decided to release my soul's karmic duties and lessons, past lives, ancestral lines and lessons. I released my soul's burden, of past circumstances, past traumas and past separation. I decreed it to be so. I know the lessons, I see thy lessons, I live those lessons (and have done so for many life-times). I decided to integrate all my soul lessons up until that point.

Looking at the woman with the typewriter, I then decided that was me, typing up my new soul's contract – one that was new and fresh, beginning with the New Moon at 4.38am Southern Hemisphere time. Again, I decreed it to be so – writing a new life, a new story, a new soul, for myself.

A pretty radical thought process, yes. It will be interesting to see how things play out (I'm not that naivé, but I do believe in magic). As the evening progressed, things did get interesting… including seeing a Soul Del Mar bodysuit on a projected VJ. The video displayed a woman dancing who was wearing an SDM Love Tempest bodysuit. To see that, at that moment… well, lets just say… I believe it's beyond just circumstance.

So… with this radical thought process, and to get your brain ticking what will you create in this new full moon? The moon is still fresh, still new. Beltane energy in the Southern Hemisphere - Spring, fresh, new beginnings, seeds planted, blossoms sprouting. Perfect with the energy of the new moon. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, Happy Halloween – a time for reflection, acknowledgement of those who have walked the earth before us, pumpkins, costumes, children asking for candy from strangers, and moving deep dark into the night and into the cycle of Autumn-Winter.

For those who are into astrology, Scorpio has just moved into the new moon, very similar to the energy in the Northern Hemisphere – a time to go inward, reflect, shed our beliefs and skins, and (release our ties from our souls); energy that is similar to the frosts of Autumn, to prepare us for the new forms of Us.

From Mystic Mamma

*NEW MOON* in SCORPIO heralds in the witching hour of magic and mystery and the depths of our soul.
The spirits of our ancestors are with us. As we call forth their wisdom, they remind us to awaken to our fullness before we shed these skins.
Scorpio brings her alchemy of transformation and reminds us to shed outmoded forms of being, so that we can shapeshift ourselves into a new reality and our eagle spirit can soar to new heights. For more information, look up New Moon in Scorpio. 

Please join me in conversation by commenting below.

What old skins are you shedding under the depths and energy of the New Moon, and what new are you creating in your life? 

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