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Shine Your AF Light

Posted on 23 September 2016

Dear Soul Del Mar SeaStars,

Welcome to another blog post.

My image for this blog was taken by a dear friend of mine Mardi Mars and I love this photo so much for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's raw – it was a behind-the-scenes type of photo and without a pose. Secondly, I was having heaps of fun; and thirdly Mardi captured my essence.

What is "Essence"? I believe it's the person who you really are, the love, the light, the authentic self without the masks. I know myself that I'm not the modelling type. I never really got "the looks" happening for the shoot. In fact, I couldn't stop laughing (heaven forbid) probably from nerves and feeling totally uncoordinated. But amongst what I felt like chaos, Mardi captured me perfectly in the moment (in my opinion that's the key to good photography). 

I really felt like a Goddess in this photo, owning the Auric Field bodysuit that I was wearing… I know, you can hardly see it LOL, but that also represents a part of who I am – the imperfect in the perfect. This is the game. Loving all parts of yourself, the light as well as the dark.

At the end of the day, I had heaps of fun and that's what life is about.

Anyway, why are we here? Oh, of course, Auric Field Bodysuits…

I am not sure if Wonder Woman is real, but even Wonder Woman does have a bodysuit with super powers.

This week Soul Del Mar is releasing Limited Edition Auric Field bodysuits in collaboration with Alex Fitch, visionary artist from the United States.

Twenty bodysuits in the Soul Del Mar Monokini Style individualised to you only with your Auric Field artwork will go into production in October. 

What is an Auric Field? An "aura" is a energy field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object and Alex encapsulates your aura from personal photographs. Here's mine that he created from a photo I sent earlier in the year.

And now comes Soul Del Mar Auric Field Bodysuits. When you put on your own Auric Field bodysuit you become your own version of Wonder Woman, the Goddess within, the Goddess without.

You will be charged with transmitting your true self – the inner radiance, the light, the effervescence of the inner Goddess in You.

Your Inner Light will be magnified and you will be charged with strength and determination as you walk out into the world. Shine. Experience. Observe. Play. Create. Recreate. Even reinvent yourself. Be your inner you, shine within and exuberate outward with your auric field to the world.

    Be the first to grab a personalised Auric Field Bodysuit.

    Soul Del Mar

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