Celebrating the Divine You, Through Alchemy in Fashion, Soul-art & Accessories.


Drum Beating
Twigs Dancing
Body Shaking
A voice wanting to emerge
Ripples in the water
Ripples in my life
Who Am I? I ask...
I am one
With All Nature
The trees, the wind, the rain
I am the element water
The weather I can change
I am emotion
I am love
I am thee that has come
afar – a star you say?
All I know, is that I Am Soul Del Mar

Established 2015 Soul Del Mar is about bringing alchemy into fashion, artist collaborations, building a tribe of beautiful, divine women and friends; and making a difference in the world. 

You will find bodysuits with crystals, chain maille, soul-art, funky fabrics and more. It's about bringing a dash of something different to the Divine Feminine and her wardrobe, a unique piece that no one else in the world will have – a piece of wearable art she can cherish.

These are one-off pieces, so to avoid disappointment and a broken heart, be quick in purchasing,  

We are on a quest to add more styles for all goddess body types, colours and soul-art pieces. Join the mailing list for product updates.

Lets sail across the seas.

Much love and blessings

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