Celebrating the Divine You, Through Alchemy in Fashion, Soul-art & Accessories.

Alex Fitch Visionary Artist



My name is Alex Fitch and I specialise in visionary / psychedelic artwork.

I am an artist based out of Bakersfield, California, U.S.A but work with clients all around the globe! About 15 years ago, I began creating artwork for others and myself.

The psychedelic auric field pieces I create are intuitively made, that portrays the essence of a person in an array of light, color, vibration, movement and sacred geometry. 

New things can be discovered in these pieces each time they are gazed upon.

I want to help others view themselves in a new light... a different take than the usual portraits seen. As we are beings of energy, I aim to do my best to capture that!

I also try to replicate visions seen during shamanic journeying in these pieces - A snapshot of movement, a glimpse into the mysterious, that is constantly around and within each of us.

I can also include animal totems, zodiac symbolism, and other imagery important to you!