Celebrating the Divine You, Through Alchemy in Fashion, Soul-art & Accessories.

Special Thanks

If you have already been to this page, you're probably wondering where the text went, and what happened to your name? If this is the first time… then read on.

I'm totally wonderstruck by life and Gifts from The Beloved. Generosity has shown it's way through people, conversations, events, love, sweat, tears, and even the weather…

So if you're reading this, then YOU know that you have touched my heart, given your love and contributed to the Essence of Soul Del Mar and it's with that knowing that I give Great Gratitude and Love right back at ya… 

… and if you're a customer, then that includes YOU!

Let's inspire, collaborate, share, love and make a difference in this world. 

Finally, thank you Soul Del Mar

The Mother

and to life – The Beloved.